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Youth and Passion: the Generational Shift in Extensive Livestock Farming

Meet Victoria and Rubén, a young couple of livestock farmers who rely on Digitanimal’s GPS collars for cows, learning and growing day by day on their farm.

Victoria Navarro and Rubén Cornejo are a young couple taking their first steps into the world of livestock farming. Their focus is on breeding cattle, specifically the Limousin breed, a native variety originating from France.

Excitement and courage. These are the words that describe Rubén and Victoria’s journey to fit into the livestock sector, absorbing knowledge and expanding their skills day by day. Their commitment and passion guide them on their path as farmers, where each day represents an opportunity to learn and grow in this fascinating world.

When did you decide to start in this profession? Is it something that runs in your family?

Both of us have been in this profession since we can remember, as, for example, in Rubén’s case, his grandfather José Ruiz, known as “Pepín El Lechero,” instilled this passion in him, mainly raised with dairy cows. In my case, it was my father, Luis Navarro, a veterinarian and farmer.

Until a year ago, Rubén and I enjoyed farming as a hobby. However, we made the decision to fully dedicate ourselves to it, as it is our dream.

How has this first experience been as farmers in charge of managing a farm? What challenges worry you the most?

Managing a farm is not unfamiliar to us, as we have been involved in our families’ farms in both cases.

Currently, Rubén’s and my goal is to create a Limousin genetics farm and thus be able to attend national fairs with our best cattle, which poses a great challenge both personally and professionally. We are also starting with the genetics of this same breed in Los Badalejos (Cádiz) and hope to soon register in the genealogical book.

Additionally, we want to develop the “TECOBE” brand (Acorn Ecological Veal), which was patented by Luis Navarro, Victoria’s father.

Why did you decide to invest in our GPS collars for cows?

The GPS arrived at our farm thanks to my father, because in our area of Cádiz, we couldn’t find farms to lease, so we decided to lease in Huelva and Seville. Then we trusted to put GPS collars for cows and thus have more control over the movements of our cattle, facilitating the exact location of these animals at all times, saving us a lot of work.

This allows us to be absent from the farm sometimes, with the security that, if there is any strange movement, we will know immediately.

The change and improvement in our management have been tremendous. Our cattle are extensive, so it was difficult to locate them. However, nowadays we know their location before arriving at the farm, something that greatly helps us to locate them effortlessly.

We recommend Digitanimal’s GPS collars to our fellow farmers. Especially, to facilitate the location of livestock and to give them a peace of mind that would not be possible without GPS for cows.

You are the future of farming, is it something that scares you or do you face it as a positive challenge?

The reality is that farming is going through a difficult time in Spain, but we cannot abandon it, it is the legacy that our parents will leave us and it is a unique and incomparable lifestyle.

More and more young people are innovating and seeking to improve farms because in the century we live in, technology advances by leaps and bounds.

To the young people who are considering starting in this profession, we encourage them to pursue their dreams and if it is with the support of their partner, brother, friend… even better, as they will not be alone.

With love and work, objectives are achieved little by little. You should never let yourself be influenced by negative thoughts that other people try to instill in you, if you are clear about what you want to do, FIGHT FOR IT.

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