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Tips to use your livestock GPS collar

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your GPS collars for sheep, goats, horses and cattle.

As a customer, you should already know that if you have any questions you can contact us and we will answer and help you as soon as possible. However, we thought it might be a good idea to give you some tips on how to use GPS livestock collars in the best possible way.

First tip: the correct positioning of the collar

Let’s start with the basics, one of the most important points to use digitanimal GPS collars correctly:
We recently ran a poll on our Instagram account asking on which side of the neck you placed the device and we were surprised that several of you placed it on the right side. In reality, the digitanimal GPS collar should be placed on the left side of the animal’s neck, with the letters legible (not “upside down”). We show you a picture so you can check the exact position.

But why should it be placed like this? This position is not arbitrary, it has a justification. Placing it correctly on the left side of the animal facilitates the transmission of data and the correct location. We want to have the maximum data of the animal’s behaviour and for this reason the installation of the device must be in the way we indicate.

However, it is more than likely that, even if you have installed it incorrectly, the GPS devices have worked. This can happen, but in order to optimise the device’s autonomy to the maximum, it would be advisable to install it as indicated in the manual.

Second tip: how tightly the necklace should be fitted

Linked to the first tip, there is another factor that can influence the placement of the device: the fit of the collar to the animal’s neck.

The digitanimal device has been specially designed with the animal’s comfort in mind, so there is no problem in adjusting the leash to prevent it from moving. This way, the device will stay in the correct position.

To place each part in the right place, you can check the guide included with the product or you can also visit our help centre. In the end, both the buckles and the counterweight are essential parts to ensure that the device is always in place. We recommend installing the buckle and counterweight on cows, horses or mares, goats and sheep.

Third tip: location of animals

Our digitanimal devices are designed to assist in extensive or semi-extensive management. We recommend creating farms that delimit where the animals move around. This will help the system, and you can also set up exit/entry rules to notify you if something happens.

Like any GPS technology, our devices are not intended to work indoors. It is outdoors, or in the open air, that they encounter the most GPS satellites, resulting in a more accurate location. When devices are not outdoors, inaccuracies may occur, as well as increased battery consumption. Therefore, we recommend uninstalling GPS Collars when animals are indoors.

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