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Summer holidays: a part of our team continues to help you

The moment has arrived to make a small stop. A part of our team goes on holiday taking turns at the job. Don’t worry, ​we will keep on attending the phone ​at the best way possible as we do every year, but there are novelties: we have decided ​not to send out until the 24th of August ​for different reasons:

  • We are doing inventory at our storehouse. ​Besides, we are reviewing various processes for them to be more efficient.
  • Our production team deserves a rest: ​it has been sending devices without rest every working day of 2020.

Therefore, during the remainder of the month of August, you will be able to use the ​CODE: AUGUST which will guarantee you a DISCOUNT of 5% ​in our online shop.

5% EXTRA DISCOUNT in the entire store with the CODE: AUGUST

And what do we tell you about how 2020 has been?

It has been very different for everyone, and of course, this 2020 led us to more changes than expected. Many changes have happened in our lives and uncertainty came to us to take us out of our comfort zone.

The emergency state statement ​“Agriculture and farming has an essential character, not only economically, as well as socially”. ​Farming was one of the little economical activities which one could keep on doing.

From digitanimal, being directly tied to the number one sector, we set up work shifts to keep on helping and sending devices to not let alone our clients in these difficult times, always respecting all security measures. About digitanimal, as the first day, we keep on improving the physical devices, just as the technology involved.

There are certain changes which are imperceptible, but very important. The resistance of the device has augmented, the autonomy is improved, the box is hardened making the system more complete and robust in every sense. Digitalisation in farming has arrived to stay, we already surpassed 14,500 animals connected in more than 50 countries worldwide.

And now what? ​We will get to the end of August with more power, and many more novelties. Changes and new products will be announced, to keep on helping farmers at their daily job.

Greetings from the entire digitanimal team!

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