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In this Privacy Policy we explain to you how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information as a result of the use you make of our products, services and/or our website.
This Privacy Policy will be updated, but every time we make a change we will publish it on our website

Last update: 20th of March 2020

Who are we

We are digitanimal, S.L. with VAT B87307609
Keep in mind that in this Privacy Policy:
“we/our” means digitanimal;
“Third party” means a third party of a different entity from you and digitanimal; and

Our registered office is to be found at Calle Avenida de Castilla, 1- Oficina 7B, San Fernando de Hernares, 28830, Madrid. Our main switchboard for customer service is (+44) 7511 597 693. Additionally, by means of our website different channels of contact are collected which we provide you with.

How to contact us

Your opinion is very important for us so if you have any question on our Privacy Policy, you can contact us on the addresses collected in the previous section or do it through or email: info@digitanimal.co.uk

Our Principles

Respect for your privacy is fundamental for us so we want to inform you with all transparency of the processing we can realise with your personal data with the objective for you to be able to take a decision thereon. Thus, we ask you to devote some time to the reading of this Privacy Policy.

The main objective of our Privacy Policy is guarantee the total compliance of current regulations in terms of data protection and privacy and the safety of the processing of your personal data.


The information that we collect about you and how we do it can vary depending on the products and services that we use and to which you subscribe, how you have used them, how you interacted with
digitanimal, e.g. register on the website to ask commercial information, answering to surveys, etc., (including if you are not our client), of the use you make of the website or of the information that we have received from a third party with your permit in order to share it with us.

Additionally, it is convenient for you to know that some of our services have a specific Privacy Policy which we will make known to you in case you contract or use such services.

Digitanimal will use your personal data to:

Celebrate the contract with us and allow its subsequent execution. Satisfy the legitimate commercial interest of digitanimal, for instance, the prevention of fraud, the maintenance of safety of our network and services, the shipment of commercial communication about our products and services and the improvement of our services. In these cases, we always evaluate our commercial interests in order to ensure we do not collide with your rights. Furthermore, in some cases, you have the right to oppose these processings. In order to obtain more information, visit the section Your Rights of this Privacy Policy.

Comply with a legal obligation, as for example, give effect to our accounting and fiscal obligations, or retain your traffic data in order to

comply with current legislation in terms of data conservation, among others.

Treat your data corresponding to the consent you gave us in the cases in which digitanimal focused on a legal basis. For instance, sending you advertisement from third parties with whom digitanimal has commercial agreements, treating your traffic data, browsing, invoicing or localisation with commercial purposes or using anonymized and added information generated from you with the purpose of information analysis (Big Data). In any case, you will always be able to revoke the consent that you provided us with. In order to obtain more information, visit the section Your Rights of this policy.

Celebrate the contract with us and allow its subsequent execution. For instance, for you to make calls, send text messages and/or browse on the Internet we process data such as the phone numbers you dial, the amount of mega- and gigabytes you use and when you are doing so for us to provide you connectivity. This allows us to generate your account, in function of your use or solve incidents which you notify us upon. We also need to realise credit verifications in order to allow the engagement of our services or products realising debt collection in case of non-payment.

We will collect your personal information when, for instance:

You buy or use any of our products and services;
You use other digitanimal products or services;
You register in order to ask information on a specific product or service or to book it or use it;
You subscribe to newsletters, notifications or other services;
You contact us through our channels;
You participate in a challenge, draw or survey;
You visit or browse on our website or other websites of the group

You have given your permit to other third party companies, such as our collaborators or providers in order to share your information with us; When your information is publicly available and its use is legally allowed; We also collect information of certain organisations when it is appropriate and in case we have legal motives to do so.

These include fraud prevention agencies, credit check agencies and network providers.
We use cookies (small text files used to follow your movement on our website).

In order to obtain more details on the use we make of these cookies and how to exclude oneself from these options, consult our Cookies Policy on our website.

Types of your information we can have are, in your case:

Your name, address, telephone number and/or mobile, date of birth, gender and email address;
Your credit or debit card information, informacion on your bank account and other bank information.

Your traffic data. These are data that we see in order to provide you each time with a better localisation service and animal monitoring; Implement new options and precision in regards to warnings and notifications.

Your localisation data. This can be precise when you use data of the Global Positioning System (GPS) or localisation by means of cells Wi-Fi access points nearby and allows us to provide you with services based on your location. In a less precise manner, we can know your location knowing your IP address or data such as your postal code or city;

Your obtained data by means of a contract that you obtain with us and which consist of the recording of the call that you make to one of our call centers, if you use a chat for the resolve of incidents, if you sent an email or a letter, or any other contact registration with us;

The information on your account as a client, as the payment data of received or owed invoice, date of registration or unsubscription,

subscriptions or service that you use, information related to your account or accessible from the “Web App”;
Login information such as passwords and usernames in order to access our accounts and services;

We will not collect or treat data of underaged or information that can be classified as more sensible such as: health, sexual orientation, union membership, religion or race.

We will use your personal information for the following purposes:

1. To offer you your service

Process your order and provide you with your products and services. Process product and service orders and keep you informed on the progress of your order;
Provide you with the corresponding product or service. This may include not in your contract mentioned third party services (for instance Paypal).

Invoicing and Customer Service
In order to invoice you or charge you for the use of our products and services;
Contact you if the information of the invoicing that you provided us with is not updated, is going to expire or we cannot accept the payment; Respond to any question or concern that you may have on our network, products or services.

Messages of service information
We will contact you in order to keep you updated about information on the products and services you have with us. For instance, changes in our terms and conditions or interruptions of the service.
With this objective digitanimal uses your personal data such as name, email address, phone number. With this information we generate additional reports and statistics that do not allow us to identify you in an

individual manner. This allows us to develop and improve our service without having to identify our clients and users thereof.

2. To improve our service

Improve and innovate our products and services
We collect anonymous information, not associated to its title and added to improve the service.
To understand how you use our products and services. In this manner we try to review, develop more interesting and relevant products and services, as well as personalise our products and services.

3. Marketing of our service adapted to your needs

Marketing and Generation of Profiles

In case that you are our client, digitanimal has legitimate interest in maintaining you informed on new digitanimal products and services. We adapt our messages according to the types of products and services you contracted.

We will be able to send you informative newsletters, invite you to participate in a survey or inform you on prize draws or competitions.
We can personalise even more these messages using related information related to the use of the services, information of your location and information of your browsing, always as you have authorised us expressively to do so;

We will contact you by a letter or an email, telephone or push notifications from our applications during the contract term and subsequently;
Digitanimal makes the tools Permissions and Preferences available through which you will be able, in every moment, to modify, grant and revoke your granted consents, as well as make your preferences known.

Online advertising

In order to be able to facilitate you with relevant commercial information for you, you will be able to visualise advertising intended online based on cookie use. This is known as advertising based on interests. It may

occur in our website and in other online media such as social media. We can also combine collected data by means of cookies with other data that we have collected. If you do not wish us to use the data we obtain through cookies, consult our Cookies Policy in order to ban them.

Investigación y análisis (Big Data)

Usamos una variedad de métodos analíticos incluyendo lo que comúnmente se conoce como “Big Data”. Big Data es una técnica matemática que permite analizar grandes volúmenes de datos para encontrar los patrones y tendencias hasta ahora no reveladas. En Digitanimal nos tomamos muy en serio este tipo de análisis que se rige por la máxima de total cumplimiento de la normativa vigente y por el respeto al principio de transparencia. En estos análisis utilizamos únicamente datos anonimizados y agregados de manera que no es posible asociar dicha información con ninguno de nuestros clientes.

Investigation and analysis (Big Data)

We use a variety of analytic methods including what is known as ‘Big Data’. Big Data is a mathematical technique that allows one to analyse big numbers of data to find until now undeveloped patterns and tendencies. At Digitanimal we take this type of analysis very seriously that is governed by the maximum of full compliance of the current regulations and by respect for the transparency principle. In this analysis we only use anonymous data and added in a way that the mentioned information is not related to any of our customers.

We use our analysis for:

Market research and to perform statistical research and analysis including monitoring how clients use our channels, products and services anonymously or personally;

4. Profile Generation

Sometimes we will need to trace a profile of yours, with the purpose of safety, fraud and credit analysis.
Fraud Prevention and Safety

We will process your data traffic with the purpose of protecting ourselves and detect possible frauds, protect and detect bad uses or damages to our channels, recover debts or track persons with open debts to us for the use of our services.


Hereafter, we explain your rights in terms of data protection that assists you and how you can use them:
Right of rectification of personal data
You have the right to rectify saved data about you if it is not precise. If the information we store needs to be updated, or you think it can be wrong.

Right of access to personal data

You have the right to request a copy of your personal data saved by Digitanimal.
Right of objection to the use of personal data
You have the right, in some circumstances, to object to the processing of your personal information by Digitanimal.

Right of cancellation

Digitanimal strives to process and retain your data only for the time we need it. In some circumstances, you have the right to request the cancellation of your personal data that we have saved.
These data will be conserved, blocked and only accessible for particular persons in case we need them to handle a complaint or answer for our obligations.

Right of limitation

You have the right to request the limitation of the processing of your data in the way that Digitanimal can store your data, but not use them. This right can only be used in particular circumstances such as:

● You inform us of the inaccuracy of your personal data, during the period that we need to verify the accuracy of them

● The processing is illegal and you do not want us to delete your personal data;

● You have objected to any processing by Digitanimal based on legitimate interest, during the period that we need to verify your right prevails for the named interest.

● Digitanimal does not need your personal data any more for processing purposes, but you need them for the wording, the performance or the defence of complaints;

Beside the specific means established for each right, you will be able to perform your access rights, rectification, cancellation, objection, limitation and portability, as well as revoke the given consents, addressing in writing with a photocopy of your ID card to Digitanimal with the reference ‘Data Protection’, C/ Federico Cantero Villamil, 2 Bis. Despacho 6. 28935 Móstoles, Madrid. 

  • Opt-out of advertising messages:

    If you do not want to receive more advertising messages from Digitanimal, you can choose to rule out yourself on a voluntary basis from all our advertising communication or from certain chosen contact methods (email, SMS, phone or postal code).
    There are various ways to rule out yourself on a voluntary basis:

    Si recibes una llamada publicitaria, díselo al agente con el que estás hablando. Contact our Customer Service;
    Click the link of the end of an advertising email or text message to cancel your subscription;

Disable ‘push’ notifications from our apps, including commercial messages, at any moment. For that purpose, change the notifications configuration of your device or uninstall the application;
Send a text with photocopies of your ID card to Digitanimal with the reference ‘Data Protection’, to
info@digitanimal.com. Access the tool Permits and Preferences from the Web App, in its web version or in the app.
Rule yourself out voluntarily does not mean that you stop receiving purely informative messages related to the service we provide you with. You will keep on receiving these messages.
How to pursue a complaint/claim

If you want to contact us with reference to your rights or if you want to pursue a complaint on how we use your personal information, contact us by calling to +34 914 126 657. You can also contact us by means of the following email address: info@digitanimal.com

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