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Photo calendar: We are launching the contest in 2022!

During 2022, we are going to run the photo calendar contest! What is it about? You can send us as many pictures as you want of your animals with one of our devices and digitanimal will reward your talent. So, to start a new call for the photographic calendar, we have prepared in this blog the rules of the contest so that you know what it takes to end up winning. Pay attention!

What does the photo calendar competition consist of?

The calendar competition will be held during 2022 with the aim of selecting a winner each month. To carry it out, in each of the months a reminder will be made through digitanimal’s social networks to encourage participation. And, on the other hand, winners will also be announced through this channel.

Digitanimal will pre-select your photographs of each month. Once chosen, we will post photos on our Instagram and/or other social networks to make a popular vote. In this way, everyone will be able to participate in the final selection of the winners each month. However, as an exception, digitanimal reserves the right to select the finalists if necessary.

Finally, a prize will be awarded to each winner of the contest, which is specified below.

Who can participate and how?

The competition is open to people of legal age who are resident in Europe.
To participate, there are two options:

  • Send your photos to the following email address: info@digitanimal.com
  • And/or via our social networks. If you contact us through a private message, we will ask you to send your photos by email, if possible, so that they do not lose quality.

What are the requirements?

To be eligible for the prize, the photographs in the competition must show livestock (preferably extensive or semi-extensive) and at least one of them must have the digitanimal device in place and visible. The photographs must be real.

We remind you that participation in the contest implies the consent to use the images for the purposes that digitanimal considers appropriate (such as its social networks, its website and other activities for commercial and/or corporate purposes).

What is the prize and its conditions?

The winners of the photo calendar contest will receive a discount voucher valued at 100 euros which can be applied to any of our products. In addition, they will receive a special mention in our social networks for their participation and the possibility of receiving a physical calendar containing all the winning photographs at the beginning of the following year.

On the other hand, all participants will receive a discount coupon valued at 10 euros that can be applied to any of the products (except for repairs and/or renewals). In order to receive it, the photographs must meet the aforementioned requirements and those that are repeated from other months or that have won in previous years will not be accepted. This coupon can be added to the active discounts on the website.

We look forward to your participation this year! This January you can already send us your photos. Good luck!

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