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Our GPS collars help to save a cow’s life in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Digitanimal comes to the aid of a cow in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Today we would like to share with you a success story that shows how our farmers take advantage of our system to take care of and pamper their animals, and even save their lives. The story comes to us from Livno (Bosnia and Herzegovina), from our farm Podhum friends. As you know, at digitanimal we like to be updated on our clients’ activities. This includes as well social media, and this was exactly the way we heard about this situation.

One of the disadvantages that an extensive farm has, is the difficulty of closely monitoring its animals. It is therefore that occasionally unusual livestock behavior might go unnoticed. This is precisely what happened to the protagonist cow of this story.

GPS devices can be the key to saving lives

Fortunately, this farm has our livestock GPS devices. Thanks to the devices our friends were able to realise that this cow was following some odd patterns. It moved away often from the herd, even to sleep, something that made our farmers suspicious. After having detected that something was wrong, they got to localise the animal through the APP in order to check on it. This way a worrying lump was discovered. It concerned an abscess caused by inflammatory fluids. 

After a successful surgical intervention, it was discovered that this disruption was a pine branch. The cow is isolated and the wound is being treated with oxygenated water in order to prevent infections, but luckily the cow is out of danger. Doubtlessly, a happy end that cheers us up.

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