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Smart Conneted weight scale

Control the fattening ​of your animals

We work to optimize the profitability of the feedlot

At digitanimal we have developed an intelligent scale for cattle, sheep, goats or pigs that, without affecting animal behavior, allows:


Monitor the evolution of the weight of each individual animal and of the batch daily as well as the water intake and the number of times they drink.


Optimize fattening resources with recommendations on calves that are not fattening and improve the profit from sales.


Set up alerts easily. Alerts of animals that do not fatten nor drink water, alerts by weight thereshold reached.


Take it easy, early alerts on the health status of animals help you control everything and make decisions about it.

Investigation and constant development

More than 500,000 data collected

All the data collected help improving the analysis of animal behavior to make anomaly detection more efficient and improve animal welfare and farm performance.

Collaboration with the most important cooperatives

We collaborate with the most important cooperatives so that the results obtained translate into improvements for the rest of the feedlots, making them more competitive and profitable.

Maybe you didn’t know, but…

An animal not getting weight costs you more than € 3 a day

15% of the animals are sold before reaching their maximum weight

An animal that is not healthy changes its feeding / drinking behavior

With today's weighing systems, animals lose weight on the day of weighing.

Design and ​adaptation to your feedlot

Our smart livestock scale will fit seamlessly into your feedlot to ensure higher farm profitability.

System installation: scale and electronic ear tags

The low-cost ear tags worn by animals are equipped with sensors that identify each animal and its lot. They will also notify you of the time they have been drinking and the water they have ingested. In this way, there is an exhaustive control of the evolution of the weight of each animal and of its lot, which in turn allows more equitable lots to be established to establish a better sale price.

Frequent questions

How do the scale work?

The management of the animals in feedslot is simple, electronic tags will be placed for the individual identification of each animal and a scale will be installed inside the bait pen, the animals will enter to drink water and it will be when they begin to collect data from the animals to its processed and display it in the app.

What benefits can I get with the weight scale?

The tool ensures a more efficient and profitable management of the farms since it makes possible the early detection of diseases, because it notifies and alerts if an animal is not getting far normally or if it goes more or less ofter to the trough.

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