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Improving direct selling e-commerce management through the use of EFPF technology

Digitanimal has participated in the EFPF project by validating software technologies that facilitate the management of processes and information.

As part of the project, Digitanimal has integrated the authentication, data management and traceability Blockchain technologies of the EFPF platform into its product for the direct sale of meat products from the farmer to the end consumer.

Thanks to the use of these technologies, the orchestration of processes between the agents involved in the preparation of meat products (livestock farmer and meat industry) is facilitated and the immutability of the events associated with meat products is guaranteed until the end consumer thanks to the use of Blockchain technology.

Digitanimal EFPF project

Digitanimal’s direct sales management product for meat products allows the farmer to easily manage his customers, orders, products and communication with the cutting plant, which is responsible for preparing the products and managing shipments to end consumers.

EFPF software technologies

From the industry’s point of view, the product facilitates order management and optimises order preparation leading to cost savings and a reduction in food waste. In addition, the solution is enhanced by a set of hardware devices that facilitate the generation of weighing events, intelligent automatic labelling and shipment preparation.

During the project, the solution, using EFPF technology, has been validated in a real environment with end users (farmers, industry and end consumers) to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

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