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Holistic Restoration, an English project dedicated to sheep monitoring

We talked to Rob Owen of Holistic Restoration, creator of a project dedicated to the study of sheep behavior in Wales.

Holistic Restoration digitanimal

First of all, we would like an introduction, a brief presentation of Holistic Restoration.

Holistic Restoration is first and foremost a new approach to the earth that brings people and nature together in the same space, for the benefit of all.  Based on the latest scientific knowledge, the Holistic Restoration process guides people back to their ecological functions.

We work with individuals, organisations and communities to re-imagine our relationship with the natural world. We offer courses, talks and advice, as well as research and monitoring services to encourage the application of Holistic restoration in Britain.

We take an interdisciplinary and evidence-based system approach to all aspects of our business to help people explore their interdependence with nature and become a conscious participant in nature’s complex network.

We conduct cutting-edge research into the ecological roles people play and how natural, self-determined processes underpin human health and well-being.

Our courses and consultancies are based on and contribute to the organisation’s ongoing research on the benefits of landscape mosaics between man and nature.

Sheep GPS Tracker

How did the idea of a joint project with Digitanimal come about?

We were looking for a supplier of GPS livestock collars for a project to track the behaviour of sheep on a hillside in Wales for a year. We liked Digitanimal because it promised accurate and useful data for researchers.

Have you used a livestock tracing system before?

We had tried another device, but in our case we needed access to raw data that the other company could not offer us at the time.

What were the objectives at the beginning of this project and do you think they are being achieved?

We needed to monitor the habitat selection of a large number of sheep in an extensive area. Thanks to digitanimal technology, we are now collecting this data.

gps antenna livestock

What conclusions do you draw from this project?

We are still finalising the data collection, but we have been able to gain fascinating insights into sheep behaviour in a way that would have been extremely difficult without digitanimal technology.

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