Goss Moor NNR  

Livestock Tracking on Goss Moor NNR

Welcome to the livestock tracking site for cattle and ponies on Goss Moor NNR, kindly hosted by Digitanimal.

Natural England own Belted Galloway cattle, and Shetland and Dartmoor ponies who graze Goss Moor. The animals wear GPS tracking collars which provide valuable data, and help us monitor their health and location.

Conservation grazing is an effective management tool for conserving rare wetland habitats which support a variety of nationally scarce notified species. The livestock’s behaviours replicate that of large, wild herbivores, which historically would have roamed the land and supported the diverse natural landscape.

Some visitors prefer to avoid the animals, so we have made their location public on this site. Please be aware that data is refreshed every 30 to 60 minutes and may not always be accurate. A local farmer also grazes his cattle on the common, so you may see North Devon and Charolais cattle on the moor which don’t have collars. Natural England’s livestock will show up on the tracking map, but others will not. There are no bulls or stallions on the common.

We encourage visitors to stick to the countryside code, and ask that they ensure gates are closed after use, dogs are kept on leads, mess is cleaned up and taken away, and the livestock and wildlife on the reserve are shown respect. If you have any concerns, please contact our central team: eastcornwall.nnrs@naturalengland.org.uk  – thank you.

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