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Digitanimal Upgrade program

Turn the device you have into the one you want 🔄 Upgrade program

Digitanimal upgrade program

It’s been 8 years since we launched the first version of our GPS livestock collar. Years go by and, as is logical, the performance and design of the new version is superior to the previous ones.

That’s why many of you have asked us about the possibility of upgrading your old devices to the latest version for a reasonable price. This is for you.

Give us your old device and we will send you the new one for only £49,95€ + VAT

And forget about what model your old device is, just send it to us and we’ll give you the new version of our recently launched EVO device. Upgrading your devices has never been so easy!

* Available for a limited time only

livestock gps tracker

Conditions of the promotion.

It is not possible to apply the campaign for devices with technically unrepairable structural damage or exceeding acceptable tolerances with unserviceable parts or unusable. You must send only the device, without strap or counterweight.

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