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Digitanimal GPS devices: almost indestructible

As you will already know, the digitanimal GPS devices for locating and monitoring livestock have already passed by numerous countries. During our adventure, our devices have been exposed various times to the most extreme conditions becoming survivors, and the most important, guaranteeing livestock’s safety independently from the circumstances they found themselves in.

Today we want to tell you some of the adventures we have lived as a sample of resistance and quality of our devices’ manufacturing.

Fire resistant

The last case of survival our devices underwent, was a fire. That day, it was lucky that the device was not installed on any animal, therefore the fire only burnt the strap and slightly melted the framework of the device. In this case, due to the outward damage, all internal elements remained intact and the device still works perfectly.

Snowfall resistant

During 2020, there have been several customers who, with the first snowfall of the year, checked the effectiveness of the digitanimal system to geolocate and monitor their livestock in the most unfavourable conditions, and the robustness of the devices, which with large snowfalls and temperatures down to -20 º, responded perfectly.

In March, our clients Raquel, or Miguel Ángel, sent us photos of their cattle after a heavy snowfall in the central area of Spain. In this situation, they were able to quickly find their animals in their geographical areas, both located in the Central System.

In spite of these facts, the most successful case got to us from the storm Gloria during the month of January, from the ecological cattle ranch Fernando Robres located in Vistabella del Maestrazgo. On this occasion, our client Abel, sent us several photographs of his cows after finding them several days after the storm; as Abel wrote us, without the digital system digitanimal, it would have been very difficult for them to find all their cattle after the great snowfall that produced the Gloria storm.

Water resistant

Once, when our client Jesús was a witness, via his mobile phone, of the dangerous situationof his goats that got trapped in a cliff. Unfortunately, the goat that wore the digitanimal device, was brutally hit by the swell and disappeared out at sea.

After 33 days adrift and sending out signals, the device showed a concrete location near the harbour of Avilés. The owner could recover the GPS at more than 30 kilometres from the pasture zone, thanks to the precision of the system. Our device overcame a big journeyat sea thanks to the water tightness and impenetrability that covers our sensors.

Robustness test

Another main characteristic of our devices is their great robustness. Our devices are designed to bear big impacts by all sorts of animals. Our devices are subjected to big quality tests, and to show you their resistance, we share this video with you in which an all-terrain vehicle drives over one of our devices.

Bites resistant

Another noteworthy case we come across on a daily basis, is the resistance to bites. Commonly, we find goats or mares wearing our devices with bites. As you will be able to seein the following image, the device AC946 has a mark of a bite, another example of robustness of the encapsulation that our devices have.

At digitanimal we are very proud to be able to tell you these stories, and above all to see thatwe keep on helping many farmers all around the world.

The digitanimal team.

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