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digitanimal EVO, the new GPS device for livestock

Last tuesday March 29th we presented our new device in an event in which we explained all the new features and improvements that arrive in this new version.

collar locator

Digitanimal EVO represents an innovation in livestock tracking and monitoring. This new device allows farmers to have better control of their animals. EVO is the result of several months of hard work with the aim of creating the most efficient version in the market and being one of the solutions to the current needs of extensive livestock farming.

digitanimal EVO improvements
collar gps improvements

Battery: the battery compartment is independent; therefore, battery changes will be faster and safer for livestock farmers.

Accuracy: higher GPS accuracy. The geolocation of animals will be achieved with higher accuracy and predictive trajectories.

Resistance: 15% more rigid mechanic design. Plastic material 5% more resistant to impacts and 10% more resistant to fractures.

Ergonomics: improvements in the design phase enhance stability and grip, without compromising comfort. Curved design to hold back from strong impacts.

Coverage: increased connectivity due to the new antenna design, with a 10% improvement from the previous version.

Technology: the most versatile device on the market, including Sigfox RC1-RC2-RC4,   GSM,   LoRa   and   narrowband   IoT   verions.   Includes Sigfox and LoRa antennas.

Despite all these improvements, Digitanimal will assume the manufacturing and assembly extra costs and offers the EVO device with the same price, empathizing with the difficult situation that the livestock sector is currently facing.

Apart from the GPS trackers, Digitanimal is focused on developing new technological solutions, in its eagerness to expand digitalization in the livestock sector for achieving farm productivity and sustainability goals.

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