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Digitanimal locates cattle in Goss Moor (England) thanks to his Cattle Tracking devices

Today we want to share a story that comes from England, and more specifically from the Goss Moor nature reserve, and that has to do with the cattle tracking devices installed to the cows of Belted Gallowey, a variety of Galloway cattle from Scotland.

Anima Tracking

It all started last November, when the managers of the natural spaces of Goss Moor acquired several Digitanimal Cattle Tracking devices in order to be able to track the animals via GPS, in addition to controlling such important parameters as body temperature, activity of cattle, as well as detecting anomalies.

Digitanimal finds 3 lost cows in the natural reserve of Goss Moor with his Cattle GPS

After a few months of tranquility, on January 10, Ben, manager of the farm, lost three of his animals in an area of ​​difficult access. As he tells us, after more than 1 hour searching through the bushes, he was able to locate and recover his cows.

It is great news that we want to share. Our technology serves to detect any anomaly in the behavior of cattle, their location, and their temperature, in addition to other functionalities such as detecting heat and birth. It also contributes to the tranquility of the farmer in catastrophe situations such as a fire or any other adverse situation that may occur in weather, such as a flood or a heavy snowfall.

Receiving these types of messages makes us very proud, and eager to continue improving our devices.

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