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Digitanimal antennas around the world: coverage for anyone

At digitanimal we have installed antennas worldwide to facilitate our farmers in their need for a system to localize and control their livestock. Hong Kong, Australia, or Corsica, are a few examples of places, thanks to the installation of Sigfox antennas, our clients enjoy full coverage, and therefore complete control of their animals.

Will there be coverage in my animals’ area? Will the system work in my case, given that my livestock is in a zone without coverage? How often will I receive information on my animals, taking into account the weak coverage in some parts of the pasture? These are some of the questions you ask us on a daily basis. You want to know at every moment not only where your animals are, but also, what their ​body? ​temperature is, or their activity.

The answer is easy: digitanimal can ​guarantee coverage ​at any terrain making our location and monitoring system work with full accuracy.

How do we achieve this?

By means of the installation of Sigfox antennas, we can get to cover practically the entire terrain where your animals move. We have many ​successful cases ​where, thanks to the installation of the aforementioned antennas, we allow our farmers to have total control of their livestock. We’ll explain!


One of the first successful cases we had installing a Sigfox antenna, was in ​Corsica (France), ​an island characterised by its mountains, and completely filled with cliffs. At this spectacular island, where we have various clients, one case stands out. This farmer’s cows move loose through one of the ​most remote areas of the island ​where there is no coverage at all. In order to make his 20 devices work perfectly, he decided to install a Sigfox antenna that converted the zone to a ​total coverage zone.

Sigfox Antennes

Hong Kong

Another recent successful case we experienced, came up in ​Hong Kong, ​where we have also installed a ​Sigfox antenna ​for the devices to work with total precision on the wild local animals. The AFCD (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation), has put the devices on various wild pigs to study their behavior.

The case of Gregorio, in Burgos (Spain)

Among all the successful cases that we had in Spain, we can highlight one that happened in May. Gregorio is a farmer that wanted to ​digitize his farm ​to control and monitor his animals. One of Gregorio’s major concerns was the coverage, given that his animals graze

in a complicated zone in ​Fresneda de la Sierra Tirón (Burgos, Spain). ​Therefore, we decided to place an antenna to improve and guarantee the coverage in the grazing zone of his cows monitoring 20 of his animals.

In the first days that Gregorio has used the digitanimal system, he has conveyed his gratitude for digitanimal’s answer, the agility and simplicity assembling the system.

Gregorio’s Sigfox antenna and cows at Fresneda de la Sierra Tirón

These are just a few successful cases of the installation of Sigfox antennas. We hope you like the post, and we hope to be able to keep helping more and more farmers daily.

A greeting on behalf of the entire digitanimal team

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