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Digitanimal and EFPF collaborate to digitize the supply chain and facilitate direct sales

Digitanimal continues working on the development of innovative digital services for the livestock sector

Today, we will be introducing our new project “Digitization of the meat processing chain from farm to fork” in collaboration with the European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing (EFPF)

Project goal

The aim of the project is the integration of different technologies provided by the EFPF platform for digitizing the meat processing chain and facilitate direct sales of meat products.

Digitanimal Traceability System

Benefits of the project

The digitization of the meat processing chain will render multiple benefits:

  • Traceability and transparency: data gathered by Digitanimal’s devices as well as additional information will be visualized by the consumers, acknowledging what is the origin of the meat products and the living conditions of the animals.
  • Livestock farms profitability: simplify direct sales through an optimized stock and demand management. Shorter supply chains imply higher profit for producers.
  • Reduction of food waste and energy use: the digitization of the meat processing chain will allow to optimize the use of resources in slaughterhouses and cutting plants, drastically decreasing the amount of discarded products and improving energy efficiency.
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