Cows in Clover  

Cattle Tracking in the Woods at Woodleigh

Welcome to the cattle tracking site for Cows in Clover at Woodleigh, kindly hosted by digitanimal.

As part of improving the biodiversity of Watkins Wood and Centry Wood Dexter cattle have been introduced to the public areas. Some of the cattle are wearing GPS tracking devices that helps us monitor their health and movements. Some people prefer to avoid cattle when walking with dogs, and so we have made their location public on this site. Please be aware that data are refreshed every 10 to 15 minutes, and so the cattle may have moved since the last shown location.

Please close all gates, and keep dogs under close control when walking through the woods and fields.

The cattle are owned by Cows in Clover, a conservation grazing enterprise that seeks to support local wildlife by grazing permanent pasture, and wildflower meadows, in a nature friendly way. We work with the Woodland Trust, Devon Wildlife Trust, and private land owners, in the Avon valley area.

If you have any concerns about the cattle please call us on 0752 777 5296 – thank you.

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