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CATSET, the project in which digitanimal participates to develop new solutions in animal monitoring

Voice your opinions through the CATSET project survey

With the CATSET project, a comprehensive solution for animal monitoring will be developed based on an IoT device with satellite connectivity that guarantees its operability anywhere in the world. And as a livestock farmer you can participate to help us! For this, we have prepared a survey you can answer so that we know your needs and your opinion.

But before sharing access to the survey, let’s see more details of what CATSET consists of so you can discover how it could help you.

The CATSET project

CATSET intends to develop a device that, in addition to monitoring animals via satellite, also communicates with a platform that interprets the information and generates advice. The goal is to provide the breeder useful information to improve the profitability of the farms, their quality of life and health and animal welfare.

Who is behind the CATSET project?

The consortium that will develop the project is made up of the Canadian company Laipac, which is the leader of the project and also the company in charge of developing the IoT device thanks to its extensive experience developing hardware devices; by the French company Kinéis, the first company to provide satellite connectivity for IoT devices, and which also develops its own communication module; and by the Spanish company Digitanimal, which will be in charge of developing the algorithm and the platform for the final user.


The livestock sector needs a complete decision support solution: a small ear tag, the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, and global coverage connectivity. Currently, the lack of coverage excludes some markets (such as Australia, Canada…) and solving this problem through satellite connectivity could increase the profitability of your livestock farms.

From a technical point of view, the project will allow the development of new animal monitoring algorithms through which it will be able to increase the functionalities offered with its solutions. Thanks to these algorithms we will be able to know at any given moment what the animal is doing in order to establish health, reproductive and animal welfare patterns that result in improved livestock farms and greater efficiency and sustainability.

To make this project a reality and for the device to adapt to their needs, we want farmers to participate as well. And to do so, you can answer the survey that we share here. Make your voice count!

On the other hand, if you want to know more about the project, you can enter here and expand the information.

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