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British media such as the BBC and FarmingUK spread the collaboration between Cows in Clover and digitanimal

Today we want to tell you a story from the United Kingdom, to be precise from Devon. This story started in April, when John, owner of Cows in Clover, contacted us to equip his cows with digitanimal devices for their location and health control.

John’s cows move freely in Watkins Wood and Centry Wood, areas belonging to the Woodland Trust, an organisation that safeguards the United Kingdom’s forests, with the objective of improving soil fertility.

At digitanimal, we developed a webpage that shows John’s animals’ real-time location and movements. The final goal is to facilitate visitors with the knowledge of where the animals are.

In the United Kingdom’s main media

Rapidly, British media such as the BBC and FarmingUk published on the use of the digitanimal technology at the Woodland Trust.

Digitanimal becomes established in the United Kingdom and in Ireland

The most powerful and efficient GPS system for livestock, digitanimal, becomes established in the United Kingdom and Ireland having presence at numerous farms, and more and more farmers express their confidence.

Our GPS system for animals, consists of a device installed on a collar, that is to be put on the animal’s neck.
We have made our own design, with a small box, robust and ergonomic for it to be comfortable on the animal, pleasant to see and above all, long-lasting.

The device sends out information 24 hours a day, which we receive on our servers to prior analyse and process it, to be able to show the information in the best and easiest way possible to our farmers. We have reached one year of battery duration, thanks to the maximal optimisation of our system’s resources.

We have a web and mobile application for Android and iPhone, you can log on to the app for free and with different devices at the same time.

The platform is developed, so the user doesn’t have to dispose of a lot of computing or new technology knowledge.

  • Information on the location
  • Routes covered by the animal during the last hours
  • Activity graphs, covered distance and time of rest
  • Temperature alerts
  • Theft or loss alerts
  • Activity alerts

At digitanimal we are very happy to be able to help farmers worldwide. The digitanimal team.

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