Smart summer! Less fuel and more peace of mind with your livestock GPS 🐂🏖️

Research and wildlife

Advanced IoT solutions for animal research

Low cost turnkey animal monitoring projects

Customized devices

We develop fully custom devices using the most advanced technology.

Low cost

Low cost systems, with guaranteed coverage and unlimited range of action.

Access to raw data

Dedicated APIs to get raw data in different formats.

All you need

Organizations around the world trust us.

Animal monitoring

Devices for all kinds of animals

Small IoT devices from 22 grams for: shearwaters, vultures, eagles, hedgehogs, hares, deer, roe deer, chamois, lynx, wild boar, bison, wildebeest, elephants, etc.

Use of different sensors

GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope, bluetooth, proximity sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, NO2, NH3. Do you need any other sensor? Let us know and we’ll integrate it.

Device development

IoT device experts

Engineering services for the development of new devices, we design and implement new products according to specifications. We are experts in hardware, firmware and software.

Custom electronic devices

We can customize the devices to work according to your needs. For example, specifying the sending of information from the devices part of the day, interval or event.

Endurance and autonomy

The most advanced geolocation techniques

We use the most advanced technologies for location (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) providing the data in UTM, QGIS, WGS84, GD, GMS coordinates.

Endurance and autonomy

We have specific IP67 waterproof casings with high resistance and durability. We can achieve autonomies of more than five years. Our devices have been tested around the world (Faroe Islands, South Africa, Kenya, Colombia, Australia or Ukraine among others).

Data intelligence

Access to data

Real-time data through web, iOS or Android applications. In addition, we have dedicated APIs to obtain raw data in different formats (CSV, Shapefile, JSON …)

Big Data

Analysis and synthesis of large volumes of data. We can process the data and provide summaries, heat maps, point maps, plotting trajectories, or even integrating them into existing solutions.

We can reach what others can not

Data transmission and storage

Low cost autonomous devices sending information to our secure servers through existing IoT networks Sigfox, NB-IoT or GSM networks. We managed to get where there is no coverage by installing low-cost antennas. We also have devices that store data in internal SD memory.

Private and secure servers

The security and privacy of data is very important to us. All the information is stored in Digitanimal secure private servers, guaranteeing the confidentiality of your data.

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