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A new version of EVO arrives

It has been almost a year since last March we introduced digitanimal EVO, the latest version of our GPS device. EVO came to improve something that was already good: our leading GPS collar for livestock tracking and monitoring. That’s why EVO came loaded with new features and improvements, but without changing too much in order to keep its essence.

As a result of months of hard work carried out by our R&D team, the new EVO digitanimal device was better than its predecessor in every way. Many of the improvements were not noticeable from the outside, such as its evolved technology to make it even more multifunctional, being able to work with a wide variety of networks such as GSM, Sigfox, Lora or NBIoT. Neither the antenna update to achieve up to 10% more coverage or the improvement in the accuracy of the locations sent by the device.

There were also new features that were very appreciable, as they had necessitated a total redesign of the device’s casing. One of them was the optimisation of the ergonomics, designed to make the position of the device on the animal’s neck more comfortable and secure. But perhaps the most important and obvious improvement introduced by EVO was the new battery compartment. This made it possible to change the battery easier, faster and safer. By loosening 4 screws, it was now possible to access a battery compartment separate from the rest of the electronic components, thus preventing them from being affected at every battery change.

New digitanimal EVO version

Lighter and stronger

However, time goes by and our desire to continue helping livestock farmers remains intact. That’s why we have always worked to make our solutions and the service we provide to our livestock customers better every day. Following this idea, we have continued to develop EVO during all this time, and we believe that the time has come to tell you what the results have been.
From version 3.3 onwards, all EVO devices will be 15% lighter. But it doesn’t just affect their strength, it also improves it. This is possible thanks to the new combination of material used in its casing, a material used in road safety, which we have been able to bring and incorporate into our device. This version is already available for sale until February 5th.

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